Diploma in Digital Marketing Management

The Diploma in Digital Marketing Management is a practical course designed to increase the employability of students and improve your business’s online lead generation and customer engagement. This diploma is best for students, professionals and business owners who want to scale up their skill set in Digital Marketing Management.

This Diploma is exclusively designed by practicing Digital Marketing professionals; the Diploma in Digital Marketing Management carries the coveted Institute of Digital Marketing Management & Technology accreditation and associated brand recognition, which is highly adored by employers.

The Diploma in Digital Marketing Management is ideal for anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies – or anyone who would like to pursue a career in this area. The programme is suitable for professionals of all levels and disciplines, and will prepare you to take up a more specialist role within the overall marketing domain.

Course overview

Internet Marketing Overview

Website Planning & Development

Search Engine Optimization

PPC Advertising with Google

Social Media Marketing / Management

Lead Generation For Business

Online Advertising

Email Marketing / Management

Ecommerce Marketing

Google Analytics

Creating Internet Marketing Strategy

Making Money Via Adsence & Blogging

Affiliate Marketing / Management

Making Money As Freelancer


• How to Start your own Online Business with Digital Marketing ?
• How to Work for Oversea Clients and How to Approach Them ?

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Anyone responsible for developing or implementing your organization’s online or digital marketing strategy:

  • Professionals who need to understand Digital Marketing or get more out of their Digital channels
  • Marketers who want to fast-track their career or improve their position in the market-place
  • Small business owners who need to maximize online channels for growing their business
  • Students who want to up skill in Digital Marketing
  • Keep you at the leading edge with new knowledge and skills in Internet Marketing;
  • Helps you in building professional development and increase your job security in a rapidly changing world of e-business;
  • Help you to extend your marketing knowledge to identify new business opportunities;
  • Learn how to create an Internet Marketing Plan;
  • Provide you with a recognized marketing qualification in e-marketing from the most experienced faculty in India

Program DurationSix (6) Months

Participants who wish to obtain the Digital Marketing Diploma Award will be required to complete a collection of work (1 Live Project as practical assignment) during the course as well as a digital marketing plan (during 6 months of the training program).

Course includes: keyword research, domain selection, web hosting selection, website development using wordpress, digital marketing strategy, SEO, PPC programs, Online Advertising, Social Media, Online PR, email marketing, affiliate marketing, Google Analytic etc.

Program Fee

Online / Distance Instruction Mode – Rs.45,000/-

At the end of this course, you will understand the various channels and activities required to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive digital marketing plan for any business type.

Our Diploma in Digital Marketing Management will help you to:

  • Get a clear understanding of the values and importance of Digital Marketing and why it is a vital component of your marketing strategy. Plan, create and effectively manage social media, display, search marketing and online advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate your digital marketing plans and efforts into your marketing strategy
  • Drive new visitor traffic to your web site while improving online conversion rates
  • Understand how digital marketing can help you grow your business, domestically and internationally
  • Create and develop effective and targeted email marketing campaigns that aligns with your business goals
  • Identify various online applications and resources that will help in building effective and profitable web sites
  • Measure and analyse the visitor traffic at your web site to continuously develop and improve your digital marketing by discovering how to best develop and retain customers

On completing your assignment you will receive a certified Diploma from the Institute of Digital Marketing Management & Technology (IDMMT).

I am not very IT savvy. Is this course technical?
No, it is not a programming course, and you will not have to learn any coding. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing focuses on the commercial & strategic aspect of online/ digital marketing.

What is the difference between a professional diploma and a certificate course?
A certificate and a diploma courses have exactly the same content, the difference is in the duration and course contents of the courses. A certificate course is of 2 months duration whereas a professional diploma course consists of all the modules given under professional diploma course contents.

How can I study

There are two main ways in which you can study:
– Classroom training ( We prefer this for a better understanding and experience )
– Blended learning (a combination of online video conferencing and instructions delivered through email)
– Distance learning/ online
How much time will it take

You will be expected to complete approximately 400 hours study for this level of qualification. This will consist of both distance learning using email instructions or online video conference learning ( if you are taking the online course )

How will I be assessed?

The Diploma & Certificate in Digital Marketing Management units are assignment based assessments. You would be accessed through your Live project in your final week.This project will be independently handled by you.

Is there an exam?

Yes, there would be an online exam, and students need to complete an assignment.

Is the assignment compulsory?
Our Diploma in Digital Marketing Management course requires that you complete an online project if you wish to receive a certification. To receive a Diploma in Digital Marketing Management you are required to submit a digital marketing plan consisting of 2,500-3,000 words. More information is included in the program page .

Do I pay VAT on top of the course fees?

No. VAT is zero rated for training purposes.